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3009 Myrtle Ave., San Diego CA 92104


After receiving your call or email, we will schedule you a consultation where you will discuss your ideas together in person (If you are traveling from an unusually far distance other arrangements can be made).

Consultations are one hour. Please bring any reference you may have. Together you will discuss your ideas, we will sketch out the tattoo while you are there and you will both review the sketch to make sure you both have a clear idea of what your goals are. If everything makes sense, if you are happy and comfortable with your piece of art, we will take the deposit and schedule your appointment.

Your appointment will be a series of dates depending on the estimated time frame of your project.

Final artwork will be presented to you at a later date near to your appointment by email. Minor changes can be made, but if for some reason you’ve completely changed your mind and the direction of the tattoo you will lose your deposit. Do not leave a deposit unless you are 100% confident in your idea, and with the tattoo artist you have chosen.


I will only be accepting new projects based on my personal interest that fit what I feel to be artistically challenging.

Please keep in mind Terry has a waiting list of over a year and cannot not take on every project immediately. Terry would more than happy to refer you to another artist if he cannot accommodate your needs at this time.

Any additional inquiries about my work be made by contacting

To book an appointment with Terry, please call his assistant at Jorge at 619-795-8195. Wednesday through Saturday 12-8pm

1. Terry can be reached by email at Please send email describing your ideas, time frame, budget, distance in which you live etc.

2. A deposit of $200-$500 must be made in cash and is non refundable.

3. Terry’s hourly rate in California is $200.


If you fail to make your appointments you will lose your deposit. All cancellations require at least a 24 hour notice.


Congratulations on your new tattoo and becoming a collector — we am honored to be apart this rite of passage and tradition.